Pricing cards, monthly first


in the pricing cards, the toggle between yearly and monthly seems not customizable, right?
i would like to have the monthly price first. how could i do that?


thank you

This should work. Pricing1 being the ID of your pricing block (to be changed if not the same)
To be inserted in the footer custom code of the page settings.

     document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
          $('#pricing1 .year').text('Monthly');
          $('#pricing1 .month').text('Yearly');

This way, what is set as yearly becomes monthly, you will just need to change the cards month/year accordingly. Note that this should change in the coming weeks, without needing this custom code.

This does not work. It switches text on the toggle switch, but all that does is reverse my pricing so it’s the opposite of what it should be. It breaks the functionality

You just have to reverse the cards month/year and the text inside of them so it doesn’t break anything.

By the way, in case the code shared above is not working, you can check this new code: Custom Code to translate "Yearly" and "Monthly" in the Pricing blocks