Prevent double click on webhook linked action button

Been trying to figure out why I’m occasionally seeing duplicate record entries in Airtable and finally found that if someone clicks the action button twice before the browser refreshes to the next page, the webhook URL that the action button is linked to gets triggered 2x.

Is there any way to prevent this from occurring?

Hey, currently we do not have any option to make the users click only once. But, before the forum members offer workarounds, I want to thank you for sharing this scenario with us. It will really help other users know why there are duplicated webhook triggers.

The clarify the situation where this occurs:

  1. Using a list table block, with an item action that opens a URL
  2. The URL is a formula field in Airtable that constructs the webhook with several record parameters.
  3. The webhook triggers a scenario that performs several actions such as retrieve the full record in AT, creates new AT records based on logic, and ends with a webhook response that redirects back to the Softer page that the user was on.

I can recreate the issue by clicking the action button and clicking the button again before the browser starts to reload the page. There is maybe a 1 sec delay that allows enough time to click again, even if not intentionally double-clicking.

Not sure if this behavior is due to the cycle time in Make that it takes to go from trigger to redirect?

Really could use some help with this issue. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to disable a button once it has been clicked?