Prefill my second step for sign up

I would like to prefill my second step form for subscription, here is the pipe >

  1. sign up page with Sign up form block in the studio, asking for mail and password only, redirecting the page step2
  2. Customizable form with personnal infomation (like nickname etc) and the consent for privacy and newsletter (a checkbox)

I would like to make the checkbox prefilled, using this URL : with N the checkbox

Buuuut, the Sign up form block cant redirect to a custom URL, only to a softr page. Same for the configuration with user group.

Any idea here ? :hibiscus: need a brain :brain:

Hi @lea, what if from Sign-up page you redirect users to a “welcome” page with List block and keep only a button so the users click on it and get redirected to a prefilled form? Would it be a good option?

Thanks @Viktoria, it’s an interesting idea, I would prefer to explore the option of using a custom script instead.

By using a custom script, we can streamline the signup funnel and eliminate the need for an additional step. This way, users won’t have to click on a button and be redirected to a separate page before accessing the prefilled form. It offers a more seamless user experience and reduces friction in the signup process. It also minimizes the risk of user drop-offs that may occur when users are redirected to different pages.

I believe that implementing a custom script would be a better option to achieve my goals efficiently.

Btw I found a solution by adding multiple steps to my funnel but it’s really not the best for me, because I want this prefill to be in the step 1

CleanShot 2023-05-10 at 20.42.39@2x

Hey lea, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice for a custom script approach, however I wanted to say that pre-filling form fields is something we do want to be able to support. This quarter we are focussed on delivering conditional & multi-stepped forms. I can’t give an estimation on when pre-filling will be available, but I just wanted to let you know it is something we aim to support in future.