Prashil - Nocode Maker from Australia

:wave: I am Prashil from Australia.

I started my journey with nocode last year and since then built few side projects with different nocode products. I have build Makers app using Softr.

I regularly post nocode, lowcode, automation related tweets here.

Thank you and looking forward to connect :pray:t4:

This is how much I love Softr :arrow_double_down: :smile:



Hey @pprashil,

Welcome and thanks for joining :slight_smile: Cool swag by the way :star_struck:


Thank you Suzie, looking forward to connect, learn and build together :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t4:


Welcome @pprashil ! So great to see you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome @pprashil , I have started this journey as well, although not so expertly as you (great web site). Are you based in Sydney? I have a project that I would like you opinion on (paid). Regards , James

Thank you message. Please feel free to message me your requirements. Happy to help wherever I can yes i am in Sydney