Possible to disable the name + mail field in Simple Checkout


Is it possible to prevent loggedin user to change his name and email in checkout form ?

It will be easier to be sure the product is linked to his account !



Hi @Charles, currently we do not have such a feature, but will definitely consider adding it to the app! Instead, when a logged-in user opens the Checkout block, s/he will see her/his name and email prefilled in the block, this is a new feature we just added to the block!

I have the old version that doesn’t display that to the user and don’t want to update it because of exactly what you pointed out

Have there been any developments on this? Giving customers the ability to change their email here messes up my whole system.

When the customer signs up to our Softr App, I create a customer in stripe with their details (using Make) and longer their Stripe Customer ID against their Airtable record. Then, once the softer user adds more details about themselves, we build up a subscription from a formula in Airtable.

To activate the subscription. I’m using the “Simple Checkout form” with a $1 “Service Confirmation” product that will trigger a webhook from Stripe on payment.success which will in turn trigger a make automation with a filter for the $1 transaction. (a bit of a hack, but I couldn’t figure out another way to get the customer’s payment details using the portal without doing this).

From Make, I can connect the stripe customer ID from the $1 transaction (as the customer already exists in stripe) and compare that to Airtable to get the customer’s subscription information. From here we trigger the subscription from make using an API call.

See the automation:

The issue is… most times, the customer does not change the email, so it’s fine, however… if they do, it completely stuffs the system.

I’ve noticed that with autofill of credit cards (like google/apple autofill etc.), it will also sometime overwrite the email address and mess it up also.

This is becoming quite urgent, as it’s creating a mess in accounts … is there a way with javascript that I can just hide the email field and make it not editable? This causes major issues.

@thegarty can I try out ? Can you share a URL ? we do pass the logged in user’s email to stripe and the idea is that in the stripe checkout page they should not be able to change it

Just for anyone else… I think I have a workaround but @artur may be able to confirm:

Putting the following code into the “Add Custom Code” > “Code Inside Footer” stops the user editing the email field on a stripe form:

<script type="text/javascript" defer>
  function onLoadBody() {
    document.getElementById('email-element').readOnly = true;
  window.onload = onLoadBody;

This could work! but needs to be tested :slight_smile: