Passing logged-in user recordID to Make/Integromat in custom code

Hi all - I see a lot of related articles on passing logged in user info using window[‘logged_in_user’].

I’m trying to add custom code in Softr to trigger a Make webhook that passes the user’s email. This just happens in the background on page load (no user interaction)

I’m not great with JS. This is what I’ve cobbled together:

function getInfo() {
let webhookURL = ‘make webhook url’;
let userRecordID = ‘’;
if(window[‘logged_in_user’] && window[‘logged_in_user’][‘airtable_record_id’]) {
userRecordID = window[‘logged_in_user’][‘airtable_record_id’];
let request= webhookURL.concat(‘?record=’,userRecordID);

All is working except I’m getting empty string for userRecordID. When I try this with softr_user_email instead, it returns the email. Is airtable_record_id still supported for logged-in-user properties?

I just realized this may have something to do with the fact that I’m not syncing the Softr user list with Airtable. So of course how would softr know the airtable recordID? Doh!
Is that true?