Paid user group (from Stripe) issue with edit permission

Hi, have anyone here had an issue with edit permission for the user group (paid from Stripe) ? I tried but the edit button didn’t appear. for the visibility, it works well. user group with conditional field from airtable also works well. thanks

If you’re not on Business plan, edit permission for user goup only works for one type of user group : loggedin users. Impossible to play with a finer user group if you’re not on business plan.
Is it something you took in consideration?

Hi @matthieu_chateau yes, I am aware of the subscription level and edit permission. I can set it up, the issue is the “pencil” button doesn’t appear with the user group “subscription”. for the visibility with that user group it works.

Just to be clear: you mean the edit button within a list or a list details block ?