Paid subscription content access...issues

Hi all,

Has anyone else created a subscription based access site using 3rd parties into Softr? I am using Softer as my UI, then Airtable to store, Stripe to pay and Data Fetcher to link the 3, which then feeds back into Softr.

The issue I am having is trying to ensure that Softr knows when a customer has signed up AND paid in order to access my content, content is PAID only via subscription.

None of the thrid parties can assist so I am now at a standstill with all tutorials being well out of date across all platforms for anything subscription related due to ongoing developement.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Amelia, Perhaps adding a subscription status field to your AirTable base for tracking?

Thanks, and yes I have one, but when data fetcher pulls the “paid y/n” logic into the sheet it still doesnt allow a user to access the content. The old way was to take a subs table and link it to your customer base, but that doesnt work now either as something has changed and there is 12 months of dev between the last tutorial I watched and now.