Order search results by "best match" in a table

Hi there,

We are using Softr for the frontend of an organisations database, similar to a directory. We currently have the records in alphabetical order. But when I search for a record (e.g. XYZ Company), it shows all potential matches but keeps the alphabetical order.

Does anyone know if there is a way to order search results in a list block by “best match”?

I think this is impossible right now. Here’s my reasoning.

The only way to order records in a List block is to specify a sort field and direction. So any “best match” sort will have to either use pre-existing values for that field, or will have to be a computed field. So you’d have to somehow use the search text as a parameter in the formula for a computed field. But there is no plumbing to get the search text all the way into Airtable for that purpose.

Thanks - I think that’s probably the case - makes the search functionality pretty limited in my view. Appreciate your response.