No button field in new list blocks?

Hi, I’ve been using the button field to link to a dynamic field in Airtable which went to a field in Airtable (via “Open external URL”).
The button field has now disappeared from the new list block, and I can’t see a workaround for this.

Any clues please?

@GreyGypsy47 you can do it via Action Buttons Action Buttons Overview

Brilliant - thanks - didn’t see that before.

It seems that I can only get 2 buttons to display. I need 6 buttons - is there a way to do this?
I’ve put 4 buttons on the page - 2 show up then the last 2 buttons show up as a single button with 3 “more” dots.
I can’t see any way in styling to do this.
I want either all buttons in a row if possible - ar a means of putting >2 buttons on a new line?

More buttons go under the 3 dot menu, and users can have unlimited actions there.

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Thank you (again!!)