Need some Enhancement in Back button

In List details, when I click “Back” on an item I was taking back to the 1st item in the list and not to the current item of the list.
Imagine, If you’re in a 200th Item in a list and when you click ‘Back’ you’ll be taken to the 1st item of the list, so to view the 201st item, you have to scroll again from the beginning and you’ll be required to do the same process again and again.

Can someone give a solution for this?

Can you post a screen recording of what you’re seeing?

Here’s the recording with Voice over.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, that video was super helpful. If I understand correctly, the problem is that when you’re on your mobile device viewing a list block on a page, and you click on one of the items not near the top of the list, then hit back, it doesn’t restore the original scroll position of the list, but scrolls back up to the top. And you only see this problem on mobile, not on desktop.

I did a little testing and found that this problem does not occur for me, so there’s hope that maybe there is a way to avoid it.

What device did you use to make that recording, and what browser?

Yes exactly that’s the issue.
I’m using Macbook Air and did that recording in Chrome web browser.