Need help with image referencing issue on softr platform

Hey guys,

I’m facing a challenger on my softr’s app. I have an image on my main page, a PNG with a transparent background featuring bubbles and a blue wave, set as a block background. This image has been indexed by Google, and I am struggling to disable its referencing in search engines through Softr studio.

The issue is that the image’s URL, hosted on Softr’s domain, doesn’t seem to be recognized by Google’s URL removal tool. I have tried using different formats of the URL, but none have worked. The image is not listed in the Google Console either.

I’ve considered using the X-Robots-Tag attributes to resolve this, but I’m uncertain if this is feasible on Softr. The inability to prevent indexing of content on a sophisticated no-code platform like Softr is surprising. I’m looking for guidance or solutions to this issue, especially since the standard Google URL removal tool isn’t working in this case.

Any insights or advice from the community would be greatly appreciated.