Native Blog support - Softr?

@Thomas_Larsson I’m trying to build the same thing! Was doing some brainstorming on this earlier this weekend, and then found this thread. Trying to make Airtable the source of truth for all my content.

Would love to share notes.

Hi @ayman . Sent this earlier to Softr. Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration - please have a look if there is anything useful.

I was actually considering
How well does it integrate with Softr?

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has anyone found a good way to do a blog?

Did you check this workaround @aar0n

HI @Suzie , I’m exploring Softr for the first time and have a query. If I implement the methods outlined in the Softr documentation, will Google index my blog? I’m considering building a niche job board and believe Softr might be a suitable platform for this. I’m not aiming for an elaborate blog – just a few articles without features like comments.
However, it’s vital that these articles get indexed as they’ll be a important source of traffic to my job board.