Multiple tables with Airtable


I’m new to using Softr so please excuse if this is an obvious thing I’ve missed but I’m looking to create something similar to the Founder community template for a new idea I have using Softr and had a question.

I have two types of user that I’d like to create, the aim is for each to have custom profiles available within my website but with different content depending on the type of user. To do this through code, I’d setup two tables in my db, one for each type of user with the different fields required setup and then point two different sign up forms to each corresponding table. However, using Airtable and Softr, it seems like I can link to a single table within Airtable to store my user details and that’s it. Have I missed something or is there a limitation where newly created users are stored inside a single table inside the connected Airtable base?

Thanks in advance!


I think you should create custom user groups and set visibility options for them.

So, each group will sign in and see the relevant info. Let me know if I miss something.