Master components/settings that update across lists & list details

Scenario: I have a list on one page which I have tweaked the styles and settings to my liking, and then I also have a similar list but different page (either with different filters applied in Softr, different Airtable view or a different Airtable table altogether)

It would be great to be able to make certain styles, features, and content edits in one list and have them apply across other lists elsewhere too. Like Figma’s components or styles.

My current workaround right now is using the “copy to” function to duplicate my style & feature edits and then relinking my data, or changing the filters etc… but I feel this isn’t scalable for a website with lots of lists

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Yes I would agree that we need a faster way to replicate styles across different pages and listings.

In the old times, it wasn’t enough to duplicate the list and relinking data, we had to do everything from scratch.

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