"Map To" function in Forms block not working

I am having issues with the Map To field in the form block not connecting to my datasource and pulling fields for linking. I have tried creating new form blocks and starting over and havent had success there. Though on another page it works totally fine.

map to function

@JalenBicycle we have an issue with hidden fields on this block which will be released within the next 16 hours.

Hi @artur I am also having the issue on every other field type. And interesting enough, when selecting the “Rating” field type it will insert the word “Rating” into the map to and label fields.

map to function rating

We will update you in 12 hours :slight_smile: sorry for the inconvenience

@JalenBicycle pls refresh and check hidden field issue is fixed

Sorry for the late reply, all is working thank you for the help!