> Make custom API call > update an user's name & email

Hi folks,

I’m trying to achieve the following:
When a contact in Xero is updated (name and email address), I can update the Airtable “users” table. I would like to amend the User data in Softr too so that my client doesn’t have to manipulate anything in the Users section.

Is that possible because I can’t find any API reference to a potential suitable endpoint?

Thank you

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. There’s no API for changing a user’s email address, there’s no way to do it in the studio, and there’s no way for the user to do it themselves.

This has come up a number of times so I’m sure Softr folks are aware of this limitation.

Thanks. Users can possibly change their name, email and password in the profile page but I don’t use it, in my case it’s a B2B website and Xero rules it all! :slight_smile:

Isn’t this posible with a Make scenario: Xero-trigger, update airtable, get airtable, delete user in Softr ans then add the user again… I think this will ‘update’ the user in Softr.

I think you could delete the user and then recreate them, but I suspect that would cause breakage in various places. For example, I bet that any magic links previously associated with the user would stop working, and I also bet that any permissions previously granted to the user would disappear.

Not email.

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Deleting and recreating would break many processes, this is not even an option. The only way would be to create a brand new customer account, all the way down from xero to softr and airtable. Thanks for your inputs!

Hi @dcoletta. You’re right. Was just suggestion. I do not know the use case.

No worries! Suggestions always welcome. And the root of the problem is that there needs to be an API for changing the email address of a user.