Mailing List / Newsletter vs User Table

I have a mailing list of 200+ users and have almost zero users with accounts.

I want to continue to grow my list of emails with content, but also encourage users to set up accounts.

I also have a form where users submit data, but this is not actually linked to their user account. When this form is submitted, the email is automatically added to the email list. I suppose if they make an account, I can link their email from the form and the account they set up to know they have previously set up records.

Something about this setup feels like it could be setup more efficiently.

How would you suggest I develop a process to continue doing what I am doing but with a more aligned backend?

Thanks all

You could use the form which not only adds them to the email list, but uses an automation (via Make / Zapier) to automatically create an account for them. You could then send them an email in the same Make / Zapier automation which contains their Magic Link for logging in without a password.

That’s an idea I’m playing around with anyway which sounds like a similar scenario. Quick example below in Make (I’m using an embedded Paperform form to collect user info).

Looks interesting. I think I could do this via airtable automations and the softr API, since I already pay for it.

Just an alternative point of view: I’m not sure it’s a great idea to automatically create an account for a user. Without them going through a signup process, they will likely not realize an account has been created for them, and if they use the magic link and then for some reason later on they don’t, it’s potentially going to be confusing for them.

The time-honored tradition of putting something the user wants behind a sign-up is an alternative if you want your users to understand that they have created an account.


This makes sense too. I can set up an automated email campaign to start getting people to sign up and offer unique features for logged in people