Magic link sender ID

Hi all, i am unable to send magic link as Sender name or email “my company” instead of “Softr Team”. I’m not sure if im doing something incorrectly. I’d appreciate some feedback.

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 21.29.18

I did a work around with a form + AT automation which sends an email with the magic link when a new record is created that matches user email.

Hey !

I believe the custom email sender name only works when you have a custom domain name for your app. If you are using ‘’ probably won’t work.

Hi! I have a custom domain set up, yet the email still sent from Softr Team

In that case… Hey @Suzie can we get your attention here?

Hello @P.Kunert,

Can I please ask you to send me the email you have added in Email Signature? Just DM it so that I can check :slight_smile:


Solved, thanks @Suzie !