Long text fields - edit options - no Rich Text formatting menu


Am I right that the formatting options have disappeared when editing Long text field content?

It is still possible to enter Markdown formatting via the keyboard, but we are not seeing the user-friendly styling options (List Details block, edit modal) that were displayed previously.

Hey @MarkSchofield,

We are working on having them back :slight_smile:

I will double check when this will be released and will keep you posted :slight_smile:

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@Suzie - any update here?

Hello @sameerkumar,

It should be back. Please make sure you have updated the block and you should see them while editing.

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I don’t see this option? I’m using a Rich Text field in an Action Button form. No formatting options/menu.

Oh nevermind. I see that I have to have rich text enabled on both the block’s field and the update/edit action button.

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