Loading screen while automation is processing

I have a Make scenario that takes 10+ seconds to process a bunch of data and load it into Airtable. Is there a simple way to show a loading screen until receiving a webhook response? Right now, I have a form that redirects automatically, but the data on the page isn’t ready yet.

I could hardcode a delay on page load but that seems to be a clunky way to handle it. Ideally, there should be an animation telling them that their data is processing and then letting them know when it is complete.

Is this possible?

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Hey @Morrowj4 can you share small video on which block is this happening ?

Hey folks, have you found a solution for this? :slight_smile: Very interested!

Hey @dcoletta,

I wonder if you had an experience to setup such an automation? :blush:

Hey there! I interest ed as well!

Currently facing the same issue. I have GPT3 processing data then airtable record created with help of Make however Softr displays the page before airtable record gets created so I have empty section…

Me too! Need an answer. Thanks all!

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Hi all, This would be of interest

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I have a form where a user sign up and then immediately redirected to a profile page. Immediately after he tap he sign up button, an automation happens in Airtable and finish instantly, but because the user redirect immediately, the new page don’t have the new data yet even though the automation is instant.

My current solution is not good but it works. I added a “middle” page the user is redirected to first and he has to go through before going to the profile page I just mentioned. It should work in case the automation is up to 3 seconds or so. I ask the user to reload the page if the data is not ready yet.

You can also set the data on the new page to have an initial state of “Data is currently processing”. And then prompt the user to reload the page in 5 seconds, hoping that on the next reload the automation has finished and changed that value from the default to the data you want.

These are hacky ways. I hope to see a solution with better UX too.

Hey Ob95 - that’s not a bad workaround. Like the wording you used - I thought another way, maybe to get them to complete a captcha as a stalling approach (something people are used to filling in) but enabling that doesn’t seem to work for me (in spite of filling in the settings - pretty sure they are correct) - it still doesn’t pop up

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For reference: