List to List Details with two different tables for each page

It might be a weird thing to do with Softr, but here it goes,

  1. I have two tables in airtable; Add and Thing

  2. Add is a wrapper around Thing with extra fields such as time period of the add, add title, pricing, filter fields.

  3. In softr, Add becomes a dynamic list block and Thing a list details block

The problem with this set up is that the link between the Softr pages is lost, since they’re 2 different tables with different RecordIDs.

I could merge both tables, but that will result in a massive table that in turn will slow down the experience in the listing. Most of the data won’t be used on listing cards.

Any other ideas?

Why dont you try to grab the softr list details URL from ‘THING’ and place it on your ‘ADD’ table on airtable.

This way you can link both list details and details by using only the fields on your list block.

Sorry, it’s actually Ad table, it’s a list of ads of things.

Not sure if I understand, do you mean, I have a list block of Ads, I click on one Ad to see the detail, the URL is automatically formed with the Ad RecordId.

I have the Ad RecordId in my Thing table, grab the URL Param and conditional filter Things by Ad RecordId?

Won’t Softr bring down all things to iterate them and match one to the filter? that could be a problem once you star having decent numbers of things.

Thanks a lot bwt, just writing it down helps to come up with ideas

Ok, this is how:


  1. Create the two (linked) tables in Airtable, list and details.
  2. In list table create a DetailURL column, type formula, something like "domain" & SEO:Slug & "/r/" & DetailsID
  3. In details table have your Primary id column set to RecordID()


  • List block (points to list table) → Action → Open URL → set to DetailURL