List / Dynamic Conditional filter

I am setting up a SoftR interface to help producing a standard report after interviewing a client (Interview structure and questions being the same from one client to another).
My wish is to start with a Home page where I select the client currently being interviewed in order to apply the result of this selection into the conditional filter of each list bloc used in the process.
I am fine with filtering a list bloc with a given client ID, but I do not see how to dynamically modify this filter depending on my home page client selection result.

Does anyone know how to achieve that?

Thank you


I think you need to be a bit more clear and particular with the query

Hello, I will try to describe a simple example of what I want to achieve.

Let us that I have a Page B containing a list with a conditional filter set on the field Client = “Client A”.

I have a home page whitin which user can select the client he wants to work with: “Client A”, “Client B” or “Client” and where user clicks a button to be directed to Page B.

Hence, my question is: if user select “Client C”, is there way to dynamicaly modifiy the filter on Page B when loaded after user clicks the “Go to page B” button?

Thank you


Keep the home page as it is, and make page B as list details page.

Add the lists in list details page and condition them based on current record

Thank you, but my example was too simple.

Problem is that I have 10 different pages with different lists obtained from different tables and all of them have to be filtered by the selected client in Home page.

Hence, the real question is to know if it is possible to store the result of client selection in a variable that can then be used to filter all other pages of the interface?

First of all, how are you trying to access those pages

Lets say Click on home Client A it will go to Client A’s Detail Page

What is after that how are you accessing those 10 different pages?