List details into another form?


I’m working on a management system where a Consultant adds a client and then from the client’s profile either in the list or the table view clicks a button to open another form but the form already gets the name, email, phone, etc from the client profile.

How do i do this?

@ahmedtariq not sure I get the question. Can you elaborate what you have been able to do and what you are still missing ?

I think all you need to understand is how to format the URL for your prefilled form and you are good to go.
Check out softr help docs.

@artur in airtable I have the following tables called Consultant, Client, Case, Invoice.

I can get a user to sign as a Consultant. The Consultant then adds a Client using details as name, phone no, address, email, business type.

Now I want the Consultant to go to the list view, click on a client and there is a button that leads to another page with the from called “Case Details”. I want the form to prefill the client’s name, email and phone no. The rest of the form will be completed by the consultant and the submitted form will be stored as a record in the “Case” table in airtable linked to the client in the “Client” table.

Hope this makes it clear.

I’m not sure if pre-filled forms are applicable here.

@ahmedtariq @acjnas is right all you need to do is to create a page with form and then use that page’s URL put into airtable and then append URL parameters via Formula in Airtable…

think of having in airtable rows like this

ID | Name | URL
1 | James |
2 | Greg |

Hope this helps