List Detail Updated Block - Center Bug

Hi guys, I’ve notice a bug in the latest update to the List Details block, in features.

My portal has 4/5 buttons (depending on available content), which were, until the update, center justified on the page. After the update, they are now all left justified.

I’ve checked the style properties for each, which still all say center. To check, I left justified all (inc documents), then tried putting them back to centre. Sadly, they won’t budge. Help!

This is another page where I haven’t updated the block (excuse the redacted content)!



The block had another update today, which I did. Sadly, it’s still broken :frowning:

Any updates on this please?

@JonUK we will get back to you soon on this.

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@JonUK can you pls update the block and see if it’s fixed ?

I’ve clicked on the block in question, but it doesn’t offer an update? Am I doing something wrong?

Can you pls refresh the studio and then try ?

How do you do that? I’ve logged in and out if that’s what you mean? And refreshed with F5.

Can you pls DM me the link to this page ? then I will check and get back to you