Linking to logged in user when creating new listing


I have a listing table and a user table.

In the listing table, there is a linked record field pointing to a user.

When the user is logged in, I want to allow him to create a new listing.
For this, I embedded an airtable form which displays the user field as any other field.

My problem is that I don’t know how to automatically select the logged in user as the linked user instead of having the whole list of users to choose from.I hope I’m clear.
Here is my work in progress :

Thank you very much for your help

Use a Softr form that send data to airtable (table listing only the a fiel userEmail) .
In this form add a hidden field with value sets the field userEmail to *{LOGGED_IN_USER:EMAIL}
Then in airtable you have to do a automation that sets le link to the user table from the user stored in the listing table.

Bon courage !!

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Hey folks this should help you to get the linking going:

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