Linking Airtable to establish Users


New to Softr and trying to build a two-sided marketplace. At the moment in Airtable I have two separate tables - one for buyers and one for sellers as I need to collect different information about them. In Softr though, I can only add one table as the Users - how do I go about combining these so that sign ups through the Softr site get recorded in Airtable and then filter through to my buyers and sellers tables?


  1. In Airtable, you should have one single table for both sellers and buyers.
  2. Create one field called user-type where you choose what kind of user they are (buyer or seller).
  3. Create two views, one for buyers with the buyer columns, and one for sellers with the seller columns.
  4. On each of these views, create a filter according to the user-type column to only keep the users corresponding to that view.

If you absolutely want two tables for some unknown reason, you can create two automations in airtable so that each time a record is added in the buyer column, it’s added to a user table. And same for the seller table. Then you sync the user table to

But honestly the first solution is better.

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