Linking a record to a table

I am having trouble using two different tables from airtable on softr and I wanted to know if anyone was able to figure out how to get two tables to work together on softr? My issue is that I am making a basketball leaugue website and I have on one table all the games and when they are scheduled but I also want to keep statistics on each game for every player that played on that game and how many points they scored. But since softr only allows you to use one table i cannot figure out how to fix this issue.

So, I am a beginner and am not 100% sure if this is correct, but…I believe you have different options:

  1. In the airtable side you could create a junction table that combines information from each of your two tables and reference that junction table in softr.
  2. Have a hidden listdetails block referencing one table, then use the table/list/whatever that allows conditional filters to link an foreign key in that table to the table referenced in the hidden block (as described in this video: How to Build a No-Code eCommerce Store Using Softr & Stripe (with Cart & Checkout) | Part 1 - YouTube). However…I did this on Monday and it worked beautifully. And at some point this week everytime I try to use conditional filters in this way the page does not load. I entered an issue for this yesterday. So as of right this moment - this will not work.

I’d love to hear from a more experienced user as I’m also very new and need to do the same thing.

I also do think the best approach is to get the data showing as intended first in Airtable via linking/lookups and automations. Table is table and if we get it right on airtable then we can easily visualise in Softr.