Linked lists - trouble with "is" filter for cells containing multiple item

Screenshot 2022-11-24 220536

I’m trying to create a linked list which only lists items from one specific category. But using the conditional filter “is” is not treating me well… and the reason is that some/most items have several category tags in the “category” field in Airtable. So my result is that the linked list only shows me the items tagged with “that one single category”… but fails to display every item that is tagged with/belongs to multiple categories. How can I solve this?

(If there was a conditional filtering option that said “includes”, that would work! But that’s not one of the options.)

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I think you want “is one of” instead of “is”. This threw me at first too and I think they should rename it “includes”. I think “is one of” suggests that you’re going to list one or more categories and the value has to be one of them, which is definitely not what it does.

Thanks, I finally figured out that the actual syntax is just confusing and simply incorrect. It worked with “is one of”, but yeah it should definitely be renamed.