Link To Specific Record

Sorry if this has already been asked and answered. I searched but did not find it.

We want to pull some of our knowledge base materials into Softr. I can create a table with “Help Articles” it is great. I can search by labels. I love it.

The missing piece for me is the ability to make direct links to “articles” (records in air table). With our current system (help articles created in Craft and published to the web) I can easy easily send someone a link to an article. For example, they ask “how do I log in to blah blah blah?” I can send them a link that brings them right to that page. Hoping to do the same thing in Softr. I know the link would first bring them to the login page if not logged in, but looking for a way to have an external link directly to the article.

Is that possible?

Sorry if I’m not explaining this very clearly.

Hey @paulheering,

Perhaps the workaround will be set the on click action and select external URL.

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 17.37.33

Let me know if I miss something.