Launching Lindo Ai - The No-Code AI-Powered Marketing Tool for Solo Entrepreneurs

Are you a solo entrepreneur looking to streamline your marketing efforts? We’re excited to announce the launch of Lindo Ai - an AI-powered tool that helps you automatically generate branding, copywriting, social media content, and landing pages. Built with Softr, Airtable, and Open AI, Lindo Ai makes it easy for anyone to create professional-grade marketing content, no coding skills required.

I invite you to try Lindo Ai and share your feedback! Let’s make marketing easier and more effective for solo entrepreneurs!

The app: Sign up (Softr + Airtable + Open AI)

Landing page: (which is created by Lindo Ai with special thanks to softr)


Cool your application, when I look at your pricing I wonder how you did the credits count for the user ? Updating a field in airtable with a webhook when he uses the AI generator, with differents groups of users filtered on the airtable field ? :slight_smile:


I have the same question for credits!
The website generator is very cool as well.
Would be very keen to understand how you built the whole thing :ok_hand:


There is a table for contents in Airtable and a lookup field that is connected to the user table, which uses the “Count” field to determine how many credits have been used :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @lea and @agomes for taking a look. I think Saeed, our Airtable genius, answered your questions about the credits. This whole app took us 10 days to create and now we’re improving it based on user feedback. I’d love to hear more feedback from the Softr community.

Quick Noobie question but how do I get this custom icons into my header :slight_smile:



This was done using Font Awesome . You can get a free kit by signing up on their website. Add Font Awesome’s script to your Softr app’s Custom Code. Your icons are ready for use anywhere you like. Simply add a < i > tag in input text before the name of buttons or menu items:

<i class="fa-solid fa-house"></i> Home
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Hi @bob, with which element / how did you create this nice “back button” on the top of the application?

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It’s a simple text actually! you can find it in Browse blocks > STATIC > Other > Simple text and write “← Back” and set the url and add a border in styles. It’s ready to use :beers:

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Hi @bob, Congratulation on your project; the landing page and app look great, and overall it is one of the most advanced and well-designed Softr apps I have seen. I believe it would be beneficial for the Softr community to see your build walkthrough, if possible. Just a quick question: I tested the referral link functionality but did not receive any links. How is that functionality implemented in Softr?


Hi! @bob Congratulations on your nice website. I would like to know how did you manage to make API calls to openai, to generate things like video scripts. Can you help me on that?

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Super cool site! :laughing: I saw many indie makers and solopreneurs struggle to do everything by themselves. Lindo, however, would reduce their workload by simplifying their journey! :+1:

Congratulations, great project! If you had to give a rough estimate. How many hours did it take you to finish this application. It would be interesting to just know the time it took inside softr studio, ignoring all the requirements engineering and other tasks.

hey would love to know the blocks you used for the home page and this page Lindo Creator Studio

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I’d love to know how you configured those awesome navigation headers and search bars!