👋 Jackie / Cleveland, OH / USA / Long time listener, first time caller

:wave: Jackie from Cleveland, OH

  • I’ve become obsessed with Softr over the last several months, and it’s changing my life. I fell in love with it during the 100DaysofNocode 30 Day MVP Bootcamp last August. I’ve now done the bootcamp 3x, and Softr remains the tool I want to stick with for a while. It’s part of why I made this video!

  • I’m truly grateful to the Softr team for their daily work, constant updates, and awesome communication. (You must all be exhausted, and I hope there’s some self-care going on!)

  • Currently building two Softr apps:
    :doughnut: Vegan Freakin’ Donuts, a global business directory that helps donut lovers find fresh vegan donuts
    :rocket: Startup Futures, a directory gift for a private fellowship I’ve been in for the last year, helping folks reocnnect to startups in our ecosystem


Hey @jackiekerzner,

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for building your apps with Softr :star_struck:

Welcome to Community :slight_smile:

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Jackie! So great to see you on our community forum!! :blue_heart: Thanks for the kind words. Always love to see what you’re building over on Twitter. :hugs: