Is there a way to sort column when its header is clicked?

Hi, I am new to Softr and was wondering if there is a way to sort the columns of table by clicking on their header?
Also, I do not seem to find the number data type when adding column data. what data type do you usually use to represent numbers?


Hello @Dino,

Yes it is possible, you can drag and drop the columns on Table :slight_smile:

For displaying the number, you can add a simple text field and map it with Number field in Airtable.


Nope, it’s not possible to sort a column by clicking on a header. Hope it gets implemented!

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Thanks for noticing this @Joachim,

Dear @Dino, seems like I misunderstood you, I missed the part of Sorting option :slight_smile:

This is a feature request and I have added this to our list.

Hi @Dino for better visual you can do formula to use β€œ,” as separator. let me know if you need the formula