Is there a way to pull the Last Seen field on the users table?

Hello, I’m new to softr and am currently building an app as a launch page for consultants to keep their skills and projects up to date.

I’d like to know when the last time a user has logged into the app so that we could remind users to login periodically to update their statuses. It seems the easiest way would be to use the Last Seen information on the Users page. Is there a way to pull that date/time filed into the attached Airtable or otherwise access this information that doesn’t involve manually navigating to the page and referencing the information visually?

If that is not an option, are there any recommendations on how to accomplish this?


Dear @mike.magitech,

Unfortunately, there is no such native feature, however, this can be done with formula field in Airtable.

I will try to do a few checkups myself as well and will post here :slight_smile:


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Hi there, is there any update on the formula for last seen date?

Unfortunately not yet…

I have done this with a webhook call to Make that updates a field in the record of the Users table corresponding to the currently logged in user.

Amazing, thank you. I’ll use that for now. Hoping to see that kind of data pull through eventually!

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how is this done?

There is no way to pull the last seen field on the users issue table. Can we create migration to add a new field?

Folks for us to prioritise this we would need to understand the use case a bit. Can you please share what’s the reason you want to add this back to Airtable ? What would you do with it afterwards if it’s added ?

Hey @artur for my use cases, some users may login to the system but not complete any actions that would note in Airtable.

EG scenario - they login and open a document. I can’t see that they opened a document in Airtable. I can only see if they modify the record and/or perform an action to update or add a record.

If I could use the ‘last seen/last login’, I would have an automation setup and trigger set for ‘if did not login within the last x days’ , send ‘x follow-up’ email.

I’m wondering it is possible to add the ‘last seen’ data into the ‘optional’ fields in the User Connection


In my use case, I have two:
1- To have better analytics for each job applicant, when we notify them about a new job. Send them reminder if they haven’t seen logged in yet to view the recent updates shared with them via email.
2- we are testing a customer-facing MVP, where we are creating a dashboard for the client to view applicant has logged in to move further with the process or not, after receiving the email notification. This analytics is important to display to understand the overall progress is the user journey and optimize it.

@rebeccajane and @meenal.malhotra, we are working on 2-way-sync of the users’ table and soon, the last seen will also be synced…


Amazing! Thanks for the update @artur

Hey Artur! Is this already working? Thanks

Hey @Nilson,

Yes, you can see the option in Users tab, when you edit the connection.

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