Is there a way to pull the Last Seen field on the users table?

Hello, I’m new to softr and am currently building an app as a launch page for consultants to keep their skills and projects up to date.

I’d like to know when the last time a user has logged into the app so that we could remind users to login periodically to update their statuses. It seems the easiest way would be to use the Last Seen information on the Users page. Is there a way to pull that date/time filed into the attached Airtable or otherwise access this information that doesn’t involve manually navigating to the page and referencing the information visually?

If that is not an option, are there any recommendations on how to accomplish this?


Dear @mike.magitech,

Unfortunately, there is no such native feature, however, this can be done with formula field in Airtable.

I will try to do a few checkups myself as well and will post here :slight_smile: