Invite Editors to Single Pages (at scale)

Hi everyone,

I’m may be overthinking this use case, as I know it’s possible. But open to feedback on the easiest way to implement.

My app has core users upload profiles for businesses, the users do their best to get the details right based on publicly available info. After the profile is completed, I’d like to share that tentative profile with the business owner (potentially via cold linkedin outreach so I may not always have their email). Then the business owner can edit the profile and add context to their liking. Updating their own profile is the only action I need them to take in the app that would not be open to non-logged in users.

How might I best handle this? There would be 100s of invites to these business owners per month and growing so there is some scale context here.

Option 1:

  1. Create users and magic links within softr/airtable.
  2. Link user to the business profile in airtable
  3. Send the magic link to the to owner (email / linkedin)
  4. Make editable business details block only visible to the user profile tied to that block
  5. Profit?

Option 2:
This is option 1 but with fancy make automations to make it less manual.

Option 3:
Whatever ideas y’all have