Inline filter on Text field

Last week I added a table on a page with a InLine Filter on a text field. It’s worked !
Today the filter dosn’t work, and it seams that the filter only works with dropdown field, not on the text field.

How can i have a Inline Filter on a text field ?

Good point, same situation here. Any workarounds or solutions yet?

Aka → InLine Filter on a base of a lookup cell (original cell is a multiple select cell)

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Hi Edin, It’s me again :joy:.
So, yes you can. By adding manually each of the text values (this is case sensitive!) you need for your inline filter.

Here is a Gif to show you how.


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Hi Metthieu :grinning:! Nice to see you again. Amazing! It worked fine. Thanks again for the great help : )
Best, Edin

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