Image in Rich Text Editor - Remove

Why is this in the rich text editor? It cannot work with Airtable

LOL I am beginning to conduct my initial app user tests and implementation for admins and uh… bizarrely one of my users schooled me and discovered that she… can? add? images?

Maybe this isn’t a feature that will work for you if you need to display the airtable RTF data in different applications, and if so disregard. But uh (no clue how she did it) the lady is adding images to things via the softr RTF editor. I’m still scratching my head, but also shrugging, because “okay then, that works too!

airtable field config:

Example of content she included image in (defying my softr/AT understanding):
scrolling through this via airtable took SEVERAL scrolls to get to bottom of the text for image… again, no idea how the hell she did this but she is NOT tech savvy so… happy little accident?

What it looks like in Softr:

soo yeah I dunno, just commenting to add some weird new info regarding this…

Whoa! So it does work but no rich text enabled in airtable. How strange lol. Where is the image stored then?

I ended up using CSS and hiding the class name in the rich text editor and then went further to get rid of the code blocks, checkboxes (because they don’t display correct either) and heading options (don’t display nicely). If anyone wants that css code, lemme know lol.

I seriously wish I could answer that with a factual explaination but… I have no freaking clue how she did this or where it is stored :rofl:

Please share the css code, might come in handy!

I was struggling with the RTF formatting differences between airtable’s RTF config and softr, which was why I set the backend to be plaintext in AT and front end in softr to be RTF… fixed a handful of bugs I was running into, and apparently “and then some” LOL

Very cool! She Base64 encoded the image and that in fact works.

I was looking into Base64 encoding attachments in Airtable, but didn’t got it to work as Airtable scripting does not support this function unfortunately. If anyone know a way (not involving paid solutions) please let me know!