I'd like some insight from the Softr Team & Community

I’ve been a Softr user for a while (over a year, if not two) so this is not a criticism in any way, I’m just curious more than anything.

Now that it’s been a few months since launch, how has the response been with the redesign?
Have support tickets/chat requests increased or decreased?
Has there been an influx of new users since launch (since it’s a more modern & beautiful design)
I would like to hear from the community too, what are your thoughts?

If I’m asking this in the wrong section please let me know, also delete if not allowed.

Thanks, Alex

Hey @_Alex, don’t worry, you asked it in the correct place.

Considering your question, we received primarily positive feedback from the users who mentioned that the new Settings’ UI became more intuitive. However, it would be nice to hear what the community here thinks also about this change when several months passed already after the feature release!


Normally, most people hate change (A big one that comes to mind is Instagram logo back in the day)
So if there’s a wave of initial criticism after some changes it’s always best to take them
with a grain of salt, so to speak. However asking for feedback after some time has gone by can lead to better more truthful feedback… I think

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Yes, definitely agree with you, the changes are sometimes not accepted as expected, especially when they are drastic ones. But, we also try to learn from the healthy criticism and use the gained feedback in future app improvements.

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Changes have been for good, every new update is also aiming to edit things faster.

But God I wish there was a faster way to access, edit, and save custom code to softr pages. It takes a lot of clicks.


I agree on the cumbersome code editing workflow. I have experimented with using a <script src= approach and then editing the script with my favorite editor instead of using the Softr editor.


This is very interesting! Thank you for sharing

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Interesting question @_Alex
Been using Softr right from the start and ticks a lot of boxes for me and my business
I think its sometimes easy to forget how far this software has evolved
Don’t get me wrong it has created some frustrations at times and constant updates are sometimes its downfall - especially when the updates create unforeseen issues with existing additional code.
But hopefully, as time moves on Beta testing on updates is more thorough…

That said the latest design has made the software much more user-friendly and its structure makes much more sense in my opinion