Html IDs for tracking


Request: being able to add html ID elements to list inline filters and rich text, either from Airtable records or randomly generated by Softr.

My site:, a catalogue of team events.

Context: I’m using the Fathom integration for analytics and am trying to set up events there. I’d like to track when a user clicks on an inline filter in the main list. The goal is to see which filters are popular and which ones aren’t.

I’d also like to track when a user clicks on a map or website hyperlink on the detail view ( It seems this has to be formatted as rich text so that the text and the URL can be different. The goal is to do attribution for marketing.

In my head, the solution is an extra configuration field for inline filters and rich text, where you can either toggle randomly generated ID’s on/off or choose a field on the airtable record where to take the id. I would then use custom code to add event listeners following Fathom’s documentation here Creating and using events - Fathom Analytics.

Any chance this could be done in the near future or is there an alternative to tracking these events?