How to make custom pages for individual list items

I am trying to have each list item link to a different website. How would I do this? Right now I have tried a Dynamic List and used Airtable on the Backend, but no matter what item I click, they all go to the same page.

I would like for users to be able to add their own list items by submitting a form and then once the list item is generated, it is linked to a new custom page from a template. Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


To be able to link the list item to a different website you will need to setup On Click action by selecting open external URL.

As for the second question, if I got right, you should gather the information from the users via form, than show that information in a LIst block. You will need to connect your Users table (this can be the table name where you gather the data via form) to a LIst block and map the fields.