How to "hold" while ChatGPT completes the prompt

I have a page where a customer would input some information into a form and the result would go to another page in Soft and it shows the result.

The workflow is: input info into form, go to ChatGPT (via Make), create Airtable record (via Make).

The problem arises when the submit button is hit, it automatically goes to the next page where the output of ChatGPT would provide the response. However, it takes a little bit so I need some type of “Please wait here while it’s being processed” form. Is that possible to do? Any suggestions on how to do that in Make?


Same thread here => My GPT results take time to return, how do you have a loading screen or loading widget to delay the results page?

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Hi! I faced the exact same quest and struggled so much that I eventually gave up and jumped into Glide where I could build a complete scenario inside the app without the need for Make or an external database involving extra delays.
However, given the time I spent (wasted) looking for the solution in Softr, I’d be happy to learn the solution.