How to Generate and Host a item Sitemap.xml from Airtable Data?

Hey Softr users!

I’m working on a Softr site linked to my Airtable database. I have individual item pages with URLs like this: https://[mydomain].com/item-detail?recordId=recdVaJyB. Now, I need to create an items-sitemap.xml file containing all these item URLs.

Ideally, I’d love to host this file directly on my Softr site’s domain ([mydomain].com/items-sitemap.xml) so I can easily submit it to Google Search Console for SEO purposes. If directly hosting isn’t possible, could I maybe set up a 301 redirect to an external URL hosting the sitemap?

Has anyone else tackled this type of dynamic sitemap generation within Softr? Here are the specific solutions I’m looking for:

  • Hosting/Redirection: Options for either hosting the file on my Softr domain or setting up a reliable redirect.
  • Softr Integrations: Any relevant Softr blocks or integrations that might streamline this process.

Any tips, code snippets, or integration recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help.

Have you checked out this @martin-retcousa?

In particular, 5. List Details SEO setup.

Best way to do this will be to setup the required fields in Airtable.

The sitemap will be generated automatically and located at /sitemap.xml

If you need to force a generation /generate-sitemap