How to do a first steps popup / tutorial after login?

Is there a way to do the following:

When a user registers on the platform and accesses his account the first few times (or only the first time) show a popup with a small tutorial slider.


Within Softr, without code, it’s not possible (and it would need a lot work to do so with custom code, I think)

So I use an external tool to do so:


This was something new to me @matthieu_chateau, I’m gonna test it as well :slight_smile:


Would I be able to use the intro tour from the free plan in my Softr app??

Hey James,
You’re talking about the free plan in Softr or the free plan in Usetiful?

Both :sweat_smile:

For usetiful free plan:

  • Yes but it will be limited to one product tour (that’s fine)

For Softr free plan:

  • Here is the problem, you won’t be able to use usetiful, as it needs to insert a code snippet at page level (all pages that would need to display the product tour). And as Softr free plan doesn’t allow you to insert code in the page settings… :man_shrugging:

What if I put the code in during a free trial?

This should work! Then, after the one month free trial, the code snippet won’t work anymore, unless you choose the starter plan with Softr

Aaah so anything we do in a trial period is disabled after? I see.

Would be too easy if not😅.
Anyway, ask for the customer support to be 100% sure with the chat widget inside Softr studio (they will be back on monday)

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@James Yep the code will be disabled after trial if not upgrading afterwards :slight_smile:


Genius, is there a way to make sure this only shows up the very first time a user is logged in?

I’m a free user on usetiful.

Currently it shows up every single time a user accesses the page. Might be wrong community to ask…

It’s been months I haven’t checked inside Usetiful builder but here are some settings inside the tour builder, specifically “show to user once” (see screenshots)
PS: I’m with a premium plan

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As a simple alternative to this, what if there were a different “Sign Up” page vs. “Sign In”. Right now, it has to be the same page. That way, you could take users to a page called “tour” that could be whatever you wanted. Maybe not as fancy as Usetiful, but it might get the job done for many.