How to create a notification system (w/ Softr | Airtable | Make)

Hello Softr(erz) !

I’m building a community on Softr (for founders and experts)

So when expert leave a comment on a founder project, I would like that the founder get notified by email.

Here more info : I’m trying to sync. the ID of “Statut” with the Name of the project. Both data are separate on two differents sheets on Airtable.

ID Statut is the founder project, and I want to automaticly grab the founder’s email to notify him/her.

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I would add a Linked Record field in Airtable between the Projet and Feedback tables. Then create an Airtable Automation, triggered by a new record in the Feedback table, taking the RecordID in the Status field to find a match in Projets and update the same original record in the Feedback table to create the link to the matching Projet.

Now you will have the email address available to you for that Feedback record. Add an Airtable automation to notify the founder.

Hello @Oxigo,

@MarkSchofield’s workaround will cover what you need fully, just sharing a documentation on how to enable email automation > How to Create Email Digests with Automations | Airtable Support


Hello @MarkSchofield and @Suzie

Thanks a lot for those information !

I’m looking to connect RecordID of Feedbacks with Projets but I haven’t got any RecordID into Projet sheet.

Here is a screenshot

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You will be able to find the RecordID using Automation syntax (without displaying it as a field in the Projet records)

Take a look here to get you started

Hello Mark, thanks for you answer

I didn’t find any help in the ressources that you send me. I’ll try an another description of my problem :

Hello team, I have an unsolvable problem on Airtable automation!

I built an app on Softr. It has two types of users: founders and experts. The founders collect feedback from experts.

I would like to notify a founder when feedback has been submitted by an expert.

But, in my “Feedbacks” sheet the project name translates to a record ID, while on the “Projects” sheet the project is created in text format in a “Name” column.

How can I retrieve, in the “Feedbacks” sheet, the founder’s email in the “Projects” sheet? Knowing that I cannot match the ID record - which is generated when a founder creates their project on the platform - and the project name… (because one is a series of numbers and letters and the 'other the name that the founder chose for his project…)

Thanks team !


I would like to notify a founder when feedback has been submitted by an expert.

How do the experts submit their feedback?

From “Comment” block on Softr, in text format onto the app

An alternative would be to use a form, from Softr or another third party, so that the Projet details were captured (hidden field) and added to the feedback record, then the Expert’s email would be more easily available to you in Airtable. You could then display the feedback using another list/details block on the page to look like a comment.

I offer my suggestions to avoid using JS, as it’s my preference, but I appreciate it may not be yours. Good luck with achieving the system that you want for you and your users.

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Thanks for you help, i’ll dive this solution :slight_smile:

Hi Justin,

Let me guide you to achieve what you want. Not so complex but it needs a perfect database setup in order to do so.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Creation of your Airtable table for the comments.
    You can see below how to set this up :point_down:

Note that ‘Users’ and ‘Project’ are link to another record field (Allow linking to multiple records disabled).
‘Email (from Users)’ is a lookup field coming from the ‘Users’ field.
‘Email (from Users) (from Project)’ is a lookup field coming from the project field (as a project has a user and a user has an email).
‘User type (from Users table)’ is a lookup field coming from the ‘Users’ field

  1. Setup your comments page.
    a. You need a list-details block above the comments block. This list-details block is related to the projects table.
    b. Add the comment block. The setup will be like in the picture below :point_down:

  2. Create an airtable automation


  3. Do you want to use Make instead of using Airtable emailing?
    You would need to use the exact same trigger as I mentioned in the automation above. Though the action will be different, it will be a “run script”
    Here is the setup:

You would just need to replace the line let url....

let config = input.config();
let url = `${config.myRecord}`;
fetch(url); being the url of your make webhook (module1)
Then in your make scenario you will add a get record (get record from the webhook module). Once you get the record you will have all necessary emails and you will be able to use the email tool you want.

I hope it helped you to understand how works a relational database (It’s not like in Gsheets or Excel) and specifically how to leverage ‘link to another record’ fields and ‘lookup’ fields in all your tables to bring the right data in the right table at the end.

Also for basic comments setup in Softr, here is the official doc => Comments – Softr Help Docs