How do you add Recurring Dates / Times?

I’m using the “Freelance Marketplace” template.

Under the “List a Service” page, I want each “service” to be able to list multiple dates + times for each “service”, but I can only seem to add one date or one time.

Hey @JKoussan-Price, in the “List a Service” page, we used the “Customizable form” block. There you can add as many Date and DateTime fields as you need for your project. There is no limitation there.

Thank you, @Marine.Hovhannisyan. Just to confirm, does this mean that each and every date would need to be added individually or is there is a simpler way to add recurrence.

Example would be if a provider wants to list a class M,W,F every week for the next 52-weeks. Each day there are 5 activities (all the same), and they’re 45 minutes each.

This would be 15 activities (or Drop-Ins) each week, times 52, making 780 individual line items. Is there a automated way to do this or would this require additional code?

Yes, if you use a form block and you need to show the date to the user before he/she submits the form, then each field should be manually filled in by the user.

But, if you do not need to show the dates in the form block before the user submits it, you can use our custom value hidden fields to send the dates in case you have them saved in your data source for every logged-in user. You will learn more about the feature here: