How can I filter data linked to a table?

Hi everyone,

I’m creating a site for vendors to attach a customer’s invoices.
All invoices are for the same customer.
One vendor can have several users loading invoices.
The problem I have is that when I log in as a supplier, I want to see the details of my company’s invoices, which I could have uploaded, or another user who works in the same company (supplier).
When I create the form to upload the invoice, I have no way to choose the company I work for, I can’t add that functionality to a dropdown selector.
How can I complete the invoice with the name of my company, considering that in Airtable that data is related to a supplier table?

In Airtable I have 3 tables:


name | email | Supplier (linked to table Suppliers)


name | Users (linked to table Users)


date | detail | total | author email | supplier (linked to table Suppliers)

Maybe the value of supplier (in the invoice) must be completed by an automation in Airtable?

I’m newbie, thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @egroqueta

your form should be on supplier-list-detail-page. Just add hidden value {URL_PARAM:recordId} to field supplier.

hope this explanation is clear enough.

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Right, It should work.
I will take a try.
Thank you very much!

It works!! Thank you Dwi Christanti.

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