Hover behavior in a List is broken when List has a Open Page

Happens with newest list block as such as “List with Horizontal Cards and Visible Button”

If there is no “on click” action, Hover behavior is correct (for instance, I see shades if configured)
If there is an Open page action on Click, there is no more Hover behavior

Hey @erwanp, are you referring to the Hover colors of the Inline filtered in the “List with Horizontal Cards and Visible Button” block?

I am referring to (at least) the Shade effect ; which does not trigger on hover if there is an action associated

Can you please send an URL of your app to check it on a live version?

Same for me, tell me if you still need it so that I display a live example version @Marine.Hovhannisyan

@matthieu_chateau it would be just perfect to see a live version of the described case to be able to better understand it and check it.

So the link is this one: Find business ideas

Go to the bottom of the page to see the correct list block (the second one)

Here is a screenshot of my setup for the item fields of this list block. (so there should be a hover effect + there is no change with the cursor. But when I click it opens the modal, as it should be)

Tell me when it’s ok for you, that I hide it from my site.


Also the margin bottom doesn’t work correctly for this list block (and maybe other list blocks, to be checked) => it doesn’t increase the margin bottom between items, as it should, but it increases the padding bottom of every single item displayed.