Hover background for item field in inbox block list

Hi -

In the inbox block page type, I am unable to select the colour for the hover background of the item field, which totally messes with the colour scheme I am going for. See screenshot attached.

Is there any way to change this???

Grateful for any help.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 17.19.57

Hey @thomasoliver,

It’s a feature request, I will add it to our list.

What if you just change the background color for the block, in this case hovering will be differentiated.

Thank you @suzie.

Do we have any idea on when it might be dealt with?

Of course not urgent but just to get an idea.

Yes your suggestion is something I can do in the short term.


Hey @thomasoliver,

I will discuss with our product team and will try to give a more accurate answer on this :slight_smile:

Thanks @Suzie

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Hello - was there any update on this?

So sorry to push. I am planning on launching a site and so quite keen to try to sort this.

Sorry it has not been fixed yet, the task is in progress @thomasoliver :frowning:

So sorry to follow up! I know you have priorities! I wonder if this has been fixed?

Hey @thomasoliver,

It has not been implemented yet, I’m in discussions with the team, will see if this can be done with some custom code.