Hiding empty in-line filters

Hello, amazing Softr community! :star2:

I’m reaching out to see if anyone has any insights on whether it’s possible to hide empty in-line filters in Softr or if this should be submitted as a feature request. Here’s my use case:

I have a single select field in my database that determines the language of a list item. Ideally, I’d like the single select to include as many languages as possible. However, I want each individual user to only see the filters for the languages they have items for. For instance, if a user has items in German and English, they don’t need to see filters for the rest of the languages, as those filters would be empty for them.

Is there any way to achieve this using the current Softr features or perhaps with custom code? I’d appreciate any guidance or suggestions on this matter.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas! Thanks in advance for your help! :blush:


Hey @Javi, this is a feature request that I just added to our suggestions list. We will consider it when planning further app improvements!

Thanks @Marine.Hovhannisyan !
In the meantime, do you have any idea of a workaround that I could implement?

Any updates on this feature request? Dynamic filtration visibility is critical for most filtration uses with Softr.