Hide/Show Components in Form

Hi Everyone. I am very new to Softr and building apps, please bare with me as I am trying to complete as much as possible on my own but am getting a little stuck here. Im building a form with a section to request parts as seen on the screenshot below. Ofcourse to minimise 20 of these fields being visible when opening the form/page, how can I create a button giving the user the option to load this repeatedly as needed? Loading this section over and over as needed. (If that makes sense). Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you.
Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 08.29.30

Dear @Cindy874, welcome to Softr Community :heart: Do not worry about asking questions as by asking we learn the most!

Regarding your question, we do not have such a feature in our app (I will add it as a suggestion to our feature requests list). Instead, what you can do is you can build several forms on several pages and add them as a “Submit” button click so that when one form is filled and submitted, the users can check the other form. In this case, you will split the long form into several short ones.

Hi Marine. Thank you for the warm welcome and advise :pray: Thank you for adding to the feature request list.

I am currently moving everything over to separate forms as you suggested and I will see how they all work together.

Thank you Marine. Have a blessed day.

Dear @Cindy874, you are always welcome :heart: I hope you built your app in the way you wanted it :tada:

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